A Smart Bili-wrapper: A Low-cost Phototherapy device for Low Resource Setting

Low-cost Phototherapy device for Low Resource Setting


  • Williams Baah RICE UNIVERSITY


Neonate, Phototherapy, Low-Medium-Income-Setting(LIMC), Jaundice


Phototherapy is a medical treatment in which natural or artificial light is used to improve the health condition of a patient (usually a neonate). It is used to treat newborn jaundice by lowering the bilirubin levels in a baby's blood through a process called photo-oxidation. Photo-oxidation adds oxygen to the bilirubin so it dissolves easily in water. More than 60% of all newborns suffer neonatal jaundice with the majority of these infants from developing countries without access to adequate phototherapy treatment. The neonatal mortality rate for Nigeria is 35.9 deaths per 1,000 live births. Six out of ten term babies and eight out of ten preterm babies are affected by neonatal jaundice according to the World Health Organization. This work sought to develop a smart low-cost potable device to administer phototherapy service to infants suffering from jaundice in low resource settings where access to standard healthcare services is a challenge. The design uses an embedded blue light source in a covering cloth for the neonate and incorporates a temperature regulating and alarm system to avoid excessive heat to the neonate. The test and evaluation results obtained confirm the technology is promising and viable to positively impact many lives, especially in sub-Saharan Africa where neonatal mortality is predominant.

Author Biography


Williams is a seasoned Engineer with expertise across the fields of ICT, Electrical/Biomedical Engineering. Prior to working with Rice University as an Invention Eduction Consultant, Williams accumulated his over ten (10) years wealth of industry-based work experience from various organizations across the African continent. He has previously worked with the UNILAG Research & Reference Laboratory in Lagos where he helped manage state-of-the-art Academic Research Equipment and coordinated all technical related matters of the unit. As a field consultant with the Automation Ghana Group, Williams provided technical support and implemented innovative solutions for several industries including; Healthcare, Manufacturing & Pharmaceutical at the local and continental level.




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