Diagnostic Group for Elderly Patients With Loss of Autonomy – A feasibility Study


  • Gnahoua Zoabli CISSS des Laurentides


Seniors, workflow, decongestion of emergency departments, care in the living environment.


A summary analysis of the workflow of the diagnostic services has shown that a large number of examinations concerning people over 65 years of age are possible in a safe manner in the patient's living environment. Knowing that the mobilization of elderly patients with loss of autonomy represents a challenge, in terms of logistics and on the health system itself, we have proposed certain diagnostic methods in geriatric centers which can be organized in Long-term hospital center (LTHC) or in the community. We believe that LTHCs could be associated with a diagnostic group for elderly person with loss of autonomy to capture this patient profile and thus reduce hospital traffic. This first approach is mainly philosophical. Then, with the collaboration of interested healthcare institutions, we will collect evidence from the past five years to better quantify the human, financial and reorganization needs. This reflection reinforces the need to develop support at home and in LTHCs for medical care that does not require intensive or critical medical monitoring.




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G. Zoabli, “Diagnostic Group for Elderly Patients With Loss of Autonomy – A feasibility Study”, CMBES Proc., vol. 45, May 2023.



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