Development of a new generation of neurovascular device for the treatment of cerebral bifurcation aneurysms


  • Mehdi Jahandardoost University of British Columbia
  • Dr. Donlad Ricci Evasc Medical System
  • Prof. Dana Grecov University of British Columbia


Medical Device, Flow diverter, Neurovascular stent, Cerebral Aneurysm


Cerebral (brain) aneurysm (CA), is an abnormal dilation of the cerebral arterial wall, which accounts for more than half a million deaths each year worldwide. It is well recognized that hemodynamic factors play an important role in aneurysm development and propagation. Flow diverters (FDs) represent one method recently developed in treating CAs .

Evasc Medical System Inc., whose area of expertise is developing novel CA therapies, has recently introduced a novel FD (eCLIPs) for the percutaneous treatment of bifurcation cerebral aneurysms. Unlike other devices for such treatment, eCLIPs is implanted at the daughter arteries and does not impede the flow in the main or daughter arteries. Prior studies in the literature clearly indicate the advantages of eCLIPs over conventional FDs, such as Pipeline (Medtronic product), in disrupting the flow at the aneurysm neck. In spite of its advantages over other FDs in the market, there are some shortcomings pertaining to eCLIPs design, including blood flow leakage through the gap between the device and parent artery where there is a fusiform-like pathology.

In partnership with Evasc, we have developed a new design for eCLIPs for particular aneurysms that have fusiform-like properties involving the confluence of the main and daughter branches.

Author Biographies

Mehdi Jahandardoost, University of British Columbia

Postdoctoral Research Fellow Biological Multiphysics Research Lab | Materials and Manufacturing Research Institute | Computational Fluid Dynamics Lab | University of British Columbia


Dr. Donlad Ricci, Evasc Medical System

CEO of Evasc Medical System 

Prof. Dana Grecov, University of British Columbia

Director of Industrial and Biological Multiphysics Laboratory.




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M. Jahandardoost, D. . Ricci, and D. Grecov, “Development of a new generation of neurovascular device for the treatment of cerebral bifurcation aneurysms ”, CMBES Proc., vol. 44, May 2021.