A New Venting Valve for Anti-colic Nursing Bottles


  • Meitham Amereh University of Victoria
  • Sina Kheiri University of Toronto
  • Keekyoung Kim University of Calgary
  • Ri Li University of British Columbia
  • Mohsen Akbari University of Victoria


Nursing bottle, venting valve, finite element analysis, fluid-structural interaction


Conventional nursing bottles are completely sealed except for the small hole on the teat. Without appropriate venting, the interior partial vacuum results in secretory otitis and gastrointestinal disorders in infants. This study presents the design, modeling and fabrication process of new venting system for the nursing bottle. Finite element (FE) and fluid-structural interaction (FSI) analyses were carried out to show the transient response of both fluid flow and flexible structure of the valve to the pressure difference. In addition, experimental system was established for testing and analyzing the performance of different valves.




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M. Amereh, S. Kheiri, K. Kim, R. Li, and M. Akbari, “A New Venting Valve for Anti-colic Nursing Bottles”, CMBES Proc., vol. 44, May 2021.



Clinical Engineering