Holorehab: A Mixed-reality System for Tele-rehabilitation


  • Sheila Gonzalez-Reyna University of Ottawa
  • Abiel Algravez University of Ottawa
  • Jesus Guerrero-Turrubiates University of Ottawa
  • Pascal Fallavollita University of Ottawa


Motor rehabilitation on patients who suffer from stroke, osteoarthritis, and other causes of motor disability can be very expensive for both the hospital and the patient. Remote rehabilitation can help overcome these expenses, however, the patients still need the advice and assistance of a therapist during their sessions. In this paper, we propose a “HoloRehab” mixed-reality system for tele-rehabilitation. It consists of rehabilitation exercise modules that were designed in an attractive way using gamification. Furthermore, therapists will visualize a 3D holo-gram of the patient rehabilitating in real-time using a Microsoft Hololens device, with the hypothesis that visualizing 3D will provide a more accurate patient biomechanical assessment. The goal of this paper is to describe the software design and imple-mentation of the HoloRehab system.



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S. Gonzalez-Reyna, A. Algravez, J. Guerrero-Turrubiates, and P. Fallavollita, “Holorehab: A Mixed-reality System for Tele-rehabilitation”, CMBES Proc., vol. 42, May 2019.