A Comparison of Depth Sensors for 3D Object Surface Reconstruction


  • Vinod Gutta University of Ottawa
  • Edward D. Lemaire Ottawa Hospital and Research Institute
  • Natalie Baddour University of Ottawa
  • Pascal Fallavollita University of Ottawa


The ability of depth cameras like Kinect to cap-ture a scene’s depth information in three-dimensions, along with 2D color RGB images, in real-time makes marker-less human motion capture a potential option for applications such as rehabilitation, robotics, education, etc. Various depth sensor technologies are commercially available, and selecting the ap-propriate depth sensor is highly dependent on the desired appli-cation. This research compared Kinect V2, Astra Pro, and Re-alSense D415 depth sensing technologies for object surface reconstruction within an interior daily living environment. Intel RealSense D415 was resistant to interference with multiple sen-sors and point cloud data at 1m range was more accurate than Kinect V2 and Astra Pro.




How to Cite

V. Gutta, E. D. Lemaire, N. Baddour, and P. Fallavollita, “A Comparison of Depth Sensors for 3D Object Surface Reconstruction”, CMBES Proc., vol. 42, May 2019.