A Hazard Alerts System


  • Mario R. Ramirez The Hospital for Sick Children
  • Rocky Yang The Hospital for Sick Children


The Hazard Alerts and Recalls (HAR) database at the Hospital for Sick Children needed to be replaced. The current HAR was developed in-house and the software platform with which it was developed was outdated and obsolete. In addition the software designer who developed the HAR system retired, and therefore we were not able to improve on the system for new features or reports. A HAR interdisciplinary team was formed to review the options to replace the HAR System. The HAR team reviewed two web-based HAR systems and selected one of the systems to replace the in-house system. Moving to the new HAR system, required the team to review the HAR policies and to establish more Alerts coordinators to review and ensure the alerts were reviewed and addressed as appropriate. The web-based system went live as of October 1st, 2018. This paper will describe in more detail some of the steps we took to come up with the new HAR System.




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M. R. Ramirez and R. Yang, “A Hazard Alerts System”, CMBES Proc., vol. 42, May 2019.