Micro-Miniature Reed Switch Solution for Low Power Clinical Applications


  • Albert Lockett University of New Brunswick
  • Adam Wilson University of New Brunswick
  • Josh Keys University of New Brunswick and Stan Cassidy Centre For Rehabilitation
  • Yves Losier University of New Brunswick


Improving the ease of configuring low power embedded microcontroller-based devices used within clinical rehabilitation settings and prosthetic limb systems can be a challenging problem for engineers and clinicians. This problem arises, in part, due to the fact that the desired product designs often tend to be in a small compact sealed form. As a result, gaining access to the system is difficult and time consuming. The work presented in this paper aims at overcoming this problem by developing a solution that uses a series of micro-miniature reed switches in conjunction with small magnets to configure different modules of the embedded devices without the need for disassembly and/or compromising the hermetic seal.




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A. Lockett, A. Wilson, J. Keys, and Y. Losier, “Micro-Miniature Reed Switch Solution for Low Power Clinical Applications”, CMBES Proc., vol. 35, Jun. 2012.