Tissue Realistic Anthropomorphic Abdominal Phantom for Radiography – 3D Printing

  • A. Ursani University Health Network
  • V. Anwari University Health Network
  • A. Lai University Health Network
  • S. Sajja Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
  • K. Rego Western University
  • N. S. Paul London Health Sciences Centre


Three dimensional (3D) printing is an exciting tool in patient centered precision medicine. Useful applications for 3D printing tools have been developed in medical education and for surgical planning. However, 3D printing is not commonplace in medical imaging (MI) departments. A successful 3D printing program in MI requires the close collaboration of a multi- disciplinary team that includes the radiologist, technologist, medical physicist and the biomedical engineer. This case study successfully demonstrates multi-disciplinary collaboration in designing and constructing an abdominal phantom with realistic radiological and anatomical structural properties utilizing 3D printing methods and appropriate materials.
How to Cite
A. Ursani, V. Anwari, A. Lai, S. Sajja, K. Rego, and N. Paul, “Tissue Realistic Anthropomorphic Abdominal Phantom for Radiography – 3D Printing”, CMBES, vol. 41, May 2018.