Regional Prioritization and Replacement of Surgical Tables


  • Chris Bzovey University of British Columbia
  • Kyle Eckhardt Winnipeg Regional Health Authority


A surgical table audit conducted within the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) revealed one-third of the surgical tables were in need of replacement. Tables within the region requiring replacement were prioritized using a prioritization system developed in-house.

A limited amount of capital was allocated to the initiative with the intention of targeting upwards of twenty-five surgical tables for replacement. The option of purchasing remanufactured tables was researched and analyzed to determine its viability compared to purchasing brand new. Research and analysis took the form of literature reviews, discussion with technicians from various hospital sites, along with a site-visit to a remanufacturing plant specializing in the remanufacturing process of surgical tables. The region concluded that the remanufacturing process was an acceptable and cost-effective option for replacement of the tables.

Next, a regional RFP was developed. The RFP consisted of standard schedules, technical questions on the remanufacturing process along with a modified pricing schedule. The region was interested in obtaining proposals for three different options; (1) restoration of existing in-house tables, (2) purchase of remanufactured tables, and (3) purchase of new tables. The RFP was developed to allow for the region to select each table from option 1, 2 or 3.

Tables were selected according to site-specific needs with efforts focused on maintaining a standardized fleet at each site. A common requirement was the need for higher weight capacity. The strategy, cost effectiveness, and evaluation process used to successfully conduct the regional replacement of surgical tables will be discussed.




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