Biomedical Engineering's Position in Quebec Health Network New Structures


  • Gnahoua Zoabli CISSS des Laurentides
  • Edwige Huguette Dongmo University of Montreal
  • Julianne Desforges Jewish General Hospital, Montreal


Since April 1 2015, Quebec health network underwent a major reform as a result of the entry into action of the Law amending its organization and its governance by abolishing regional agencies (Bill 10). This law is primarily the combination of health and social services centers of each administrative region into one integrated center of health and social services (CISSS) or one integrated academic center of health and social services (CIUSSS). The old organizational structures are being revised including biomedical engineering departments (BIOMED). As a follow up of a study we made in November 2011 on the directorial affiliation of biomedical engineering departments in Quebec health network, we identified directorates to which are attached Biomedical Engineering Services in CISSS and CIUSSS. It shows that BIOMED is present in clinical, technological, medical and administrative directorates. Does this reflect a misunderstanding of the profession or is it the sign of the success of its transversal integration to a point that all the players in Quebec Health organization appropriate it? Unlike 2011, BIOMED is mainly attached in CISSS and CIUSSS to multidisciplinary services Directorate, thus favoring a counseling vision. In both cases BIOMED ended up in various directorates. Is this a sign that a clinical engineering directorate is to be considered in future organizational structures of Quebec health and social services?




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G. Zoabli, E. H. Dongmo, and J. Desforges, “Biomedical Engineering’s Position in Quebec Health Network New Structures”, CMBES Proc., vol. 39, no. 1, May 2016.



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