Improving Service Excellence for In-house Imaging Service Group


  • Murat Firat University Health Network
  • Murray Rice University Health Network
  • Tony Easty University of Toronto


Even in-house service groups need loyal customers to survive and succeed in today’s challenging and difficult circumstances. It is a fact that customers are loyal to service providers that best meet their needs in terms of the value equation. In-house medical imaging service groups face the challenge of meeting the high expectations of their customers while competing with the giant multinational OEM service organizations. This is a case study for improving the service excellence through focusing customer needs, measuring service performance, increasing the communications skills of the team.

In the case study we will explain:
• Situation, needs and reasons for this effort
• Goals and objectives
• Online Survey Tools for measuring customer satisfaction and service quality
• Service excellence survey data, analysis and actions taken
• Involvement of staff and customers in the process improvement
• Constant measurement of the outcome and feedback
• Return On Investment: Results of this quality improvement project

In-house medical engineering groups need to go beyond meeting customer expectations to exceeding them by providing more value than they expect from the transaction. Although the alternative to the in-house service costs substantially more, low cost is not always enough to keep the customer. Value is a combination of customer perceptions of the following factors: service, people, image, selling price and overall cost.

Author Biography

Tony Easty, University of Toronto

Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering




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M. Firat, M. Rice, and T. Easty, “Improving Service Excellence for In-house Imaging Service Group”, CMBES Proc., vol. 28, no. 1, Dec. 2005.



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