Artery Stiffness Assessed by Pulse Counter Analysis


  • Gong Zhang University of Winnipeg
  • Simon Liao University of Winnipeg
  • Yong Liu China Academy of Science
  • Shaohong Xu Chinese Medicine Center


Because pulse contour analysis might be used to assess artery stiffness, an index of stiffness (SI) derived by pulse counter analysis was examined. SI was obtained from subject height and from the time delay between direct and reflected waves in the pulse. Moreover, a pulse contour characteristic value K extracted from calculation of the pulse wave contour is introduced. K is also related to artery stiffness and can be used for artery stiffness assessment. 40 subjects (20 women; mean age 45 years, 20 man, mean age 43) were recruited for pulse wave analysis. By univariate analysis, SI and K are also highly correlated with (r=0.632, P<0.0001). It shows K also can be an accept parameter for artery stiffness assessment. The method for acquiring SI and K is simple, inexpensive, and rapid. 




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G. Zhang, S. Liao, Y. Liu, and S. Xu, “Artery Stiffness Assessed by Pulse Counter Analysis”, CMBES Proc., vol. 31, no. 1, Jun. 2008.