Development of a Methodology for Imaging Equipment Replacement Prioritization


  • Rebecca Austman Shared Health Manitoba
  • Sarah Kelso
  • Chris Bzovey
  • Harry Ingleby


Imaging Equipment, Capital Prioritization, Replacement Planning


Imaging equipment provides a vital service to healthcare organizations across Canada. Due to limited capital budgets, complex factors must be considered by healthcare leadership as to how devices should be prioritized for replace-ment. A methodology was developed for prioritization of these high value devices to optimize budget allocation and ensure de-vices with the highest risk of impacting patients and the healthcare system are replaced first, based on both quantitative data from an equipment database and qualitative data points obtained from operational leaders. This methodology has re-sulted in an improvement of the prioritization process, and in-creased confidence in decisions which have the potential to greatly impact both patient care and capital budgets.




How to Cite

R. Austman, S. Kelso, C. Bzovey, and H. Ingleby, “Development of a Methodology for Imaging Equipment Replacement Prioritization”, CMBES Proc., vol. 46, Jun. 2024.



Clinical Engineering