A Success Story: Improving Documentation of Medical Device Patient Safety Events


  • Alice Casagrande Cesconetto Lower Mainland Biomedical Engineering


Medical device incidents, MDI, medical device, patient safety, patient safety events, incidents, investigation, CMMS, documentation


Improving documentation of medical device patient safety events in the computerized maintenance management system used by Lower Mainland Biomedical Engineering.

Author Biography

Alice Casagrande Cesconetto, Lower Mainland Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical and Mechanical Engineer with 7+ years of experience in operations, customer service, risk management, electro-mechanical troubleshooting, and incident investigations, as well as 4+ years in scientific research. Constantly at the top of her classes, followed high safety standards and delivered outstanding service quality in every position held, resulting in exceptional appraisals. Currently working as a Biomedical Engineer and seeking to utilize a wide range of expertise and multicultural experiences to help improve people’s lives.




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A. Casagrande Cesconetto, “A Success Story: Improving Documentation of Medical Device Patient Safety Events”, CMBES Proc., vol. 45, May 2023.



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