Women Trailblazers in Clinical and Biomedical Engineering


  • Marie-Ange Janvier CHEO


Women in STEM, women in biomedical engineering, women in clinical engineering, women trailblazers


History is paved with innovators in the field of biomedical engineering but most of them are well‑known male figures. This paper will dive into a few women innovators in biomedical engineering and clinical engineering. We will discuss their innovations, what drives them and what impact their discoveries or inventions had in engineering and clinical engineering. We will address the challenges each of the women faced in their field and how they used their influence to make a difference and leave a legacy into their respective disciplines. At the end of this paper, you will find substantial evidence that there are plenty of women innovators in clinical engineering and biomedical engineering, even though they are never taught in classrooms or in history books to convey the existence and many contributions of the women. Also, you will be more motivated to encourage women to enter, excel, and stay in this male-dominated field and share these successful stories. Representation of women innovators matters in society.




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M.-A. Janvier, “Women Trailblazers in Clinical and Biomedical Engineering”, CMBES Proc., vol. 45, May 2023.



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