Medical Device Layout Guide – Systemic Approach Based on Patient and Medical Device Type


  • Gnahoua Zoabli CISSS des Laurentides
  • Rosette Sarraf University of Montreal


Layout guide, medical devices, facility attribute, technology planning, FTPs, parametrization, capital budget forecast


The planning guides published by the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS) greatly facilitate the work of the teams of professionals involved in developing functional and technical projects. Each project having its own particularities, this causes an eternal restart when the time comes to produce the list of medical equipment that will make it possible to establish the level of funding estimated for this project. With the new constructions that have taken place in Quebec in the last decade (CHUM, MUHC, Jewish General Hospital Sir Mortimer B. Davis, CHU of Quebec, etc.), we consider that these projects submitted to the MSSS by each institution have sufficient data to issue guidelines that will accompany current and future development guides for the medical equipment component. Our work consists in demonstrating the feasibility of such an approach by developing a parameterized tool to know the quantity, the location, the attributes, the budget and the installation constraints of each medical device as well as its functional link of planning with other related equipment. This study could be extended to non-medical equipment, furniture and consider estimating the operating costs of these new facilities, including human and material resources. This work is preliminary. We are counting on the collaboration of other health authorities to validate our data and develop a tool that will adapt to standards, technological developments and medical practices.




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G. Zoabli and R. Sarraf, “Medical Device Layout Guide – Systemic Approach Based on Patient and Medical Device Type ”, CMBES Proc., vol. 45, May 2023.



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