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Vol 30 (2007) 3D Rapid Prototyping for Synchrotron Application Abstract   PDF
Christopher H. Ryan, Thomasz W. Wysokinski, L. Dean Chapman, Malgorzata Korbas
Vol 27 (2002) 3D Reconstruction of the Spine From Uncalibrated Biplanar Intra-Operative X-Ray Images Abstract   PDF
Justin Novosad, Farida Cheriet, Hubert Labelle
Vol 30 (2007) A Biological Approach to Speech Spectrography Abstract   PDF
Huawei Colin Li, Willy Wong
Vol 30 (2007) A Biomimetic Robotic Head Using a Model Of Ocular Tracking Abstract   PDF
Kostis P. Michmikos, Henrietta L. Galiana
Vol 36 (2013) A Case Study: Gentamicin Hard Limit Events and Follow-Up Actions in Smart Infusion Pumps Abstract   PDF
Queeny Shaath, Adrian D.C. Chan, Doron Nussbaum, Kim Greenwood, Mary MacNeil, Regis Vaillancourt, Carmen Ma
Vol 27 (2002) A Circuit Model of Sensory Receptor Function Abstract   PDF
Gerry Fung, Willy Wong
Vol 31 (2008) A Computational Model of Nerve Signal Detection and Recognition During Voluntary Muscle Contractions Abstract   PDF
Rui Zhou, Ning Jiang, Kevin Englehart, Phillip Parker
Vol 30 (2007) A Fluid-Structure Interaction Model of the Aortic Valve Incorporating Coronary Flow Abstract   PDF
I.H. Campbell, A. Ranga, R. Mongrain, R. Cartier
Vol 30 (2007) A Low Cost Non-Contact Approach to Tongue for Special Needs Children Abstract   PDF
Kyle Mulligan, Jonathan LaRocque, James Green
Vol 27 (2002) A Mathematical Representation of the Thermodilution Curve Abstract   PDF
Sven Budwill, Jason Rhinelander
Vol 27 (2002) A Mathematical Venous Model Abstract   PDF
M.J. Conlon, D.L. Russell
Vol 36 (2013) A Method for Narrow Field-Of-View Region-Of-Interest Computed Tomography Abstract   PDF
Esmaeil Enjilela, Esam M.A. Hussein
Vol 31 (2008) A Method for the Characterisation of Spatial Structures Observed in Cerebral Fmri Data Abstract   PDF
Camille Gómez-Laberge, Andy Adler, Matthew J. Hogan
Vol 30 (2007) A Model to Assess Fatigue Damage of Human Cortical Bone Abstract   PDF
H. Najmi, A. Varvani-Farahani
Vol 27 (2002) A Multi-Expert Speech Recognition System Using Acoustic and Myoelectric Signals Abstract   PDF
A.D.C Chan, K. Englehart, B. Hudgins, D.F Lovely
Vol 31 (2008) A Multiple Camera Approach to Facial Gesture Recognition for Children with Severe Spastic Quadriplegia Abstract   PDF
Brian Leung, Tom Chau
Vol 31 (2008) A Multi-Rate Control Scheme for a Robotic Eye/Head System Integrating Visual and Self-Motion Cues Abstract   PDF
Elias Abou Zeid, Henrietta L. Galiana
Vol 39 (2016): CMBEC39 A Novel Computational Approach for Calculating Sagittal Plane Urogenital Kinematics from Dynamic 2D Ultrasound Abstract   PDF
Catriona Czyrnyj, Michel Labrosse, Linda McLean
Vol 32 (2009) A Novel EMG-Driven Approach to Assist as Needed Control of a Powered Knee Orthosis Abstract   PDF
Aliasgar Morbi, Mojtaba Ahmadi, Robert Langlois, Adrian Chan
Vol 39 (2016): CMBEC39 A Novel In Vivo Quantitative Assessment of the Knee Using High Resolution Peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography Abstract   PDF
Andres Kroker, Sarah Manske, Ying Zhu, Rhamona Barber, Nicholas Mohtadi, Steven Boyd
Vol 32 (2009) A Novel Method to Visualize Quantitative T2 MRI Data: qT2-View Abstract   PDF
Tonima Ali, Thorarin A. Bjarnason, Mark Simpson, J. Ross Mitchell
Vol 30 (2007) A Phantom Material for Mri of the Neonatal Brain Abstract   PDF
Timothy N. Orr, Jeff Winter, Gordon Campbell, R. Therry Thompson, Neil Gelman
Vol 36 (2013) A Piezoelectric Actuated Airwave Oscillometry Device Abstract   PDF
Lucas Posada, Hamed Hanafi, Guy Drapeau, Geoffrey N. Maksym
Vol 30 (2007) A Portable and Wireless Mechanomyographic Interface to the Web: A Bedside Solution Abstract   PDF
Justin BImbrahw, Eric Wan, Jason Flick, Tom Chau
Vol 30 (2007) A Robotic Microscope for 3D Imaging Early Stage Salamander Embryos Abstract   PDF
Susan J. Crawford-Yong, Richard Gordon
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