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Vol 39 (2016): CMBEC39 A Novel Computational Approach for Calculating Sagittal Plane Urogenital Kinematics from Dynamic 2D Ultrasound Abstract   PDF
Catriona Czyrnyj, Michel Labrosse, Linda McLean
Vol 39 (2016): CMBEC39 A Novel In Vivo Quantitative Assessment of the Knee Using High Resolution Peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography Abstract   PDF
Andres Kroker, Sarah Manske, Ying Zhu, Rhamona Barber, Nicholas Mohtadi, Steven Boyd
Vol 39 (2016): CMBEC39 A Saliency-Based Unsupervised Method for Angioectasia Detection in Capsule Endoscopic Images Abstract   PDF
Farah Deeba, Shahed K. Mohammed, Francis M. Bui, Khan A. Wahid
Vol 39 (2016): CMBEC39 A Study of Medical Equipment Donations: Recipient Experiences Abstract   PDF
Beverly Bradley, Charles Yoon, Sulmaz Zahedi, Yolanda Adusei-poku, Bill Gentles
Vol 39 (2016): CMBEC39 A Virtual Training Environment for Prosthetic Control Abstract   PDF
Illya Seagal, Evelyn Morin
Vol 39 (2016): CMBEC39 Adverse Incident Reporting and Staff Vigilance Leads to Early Identification of Medical Equipment Problems Abstract   PDF
Mario R Ramirez, Eric Niles, Navtej Virdi, Rocky Yang, Greg Patterson
Vol 39 (2016): CMBEC39 Aim CT Accreditation Program Development for CT X-ray Systems Abstract   PDF
Douglas McTaggart
Vol 39 (2016): CMBEC39 Alarm Management Systems – Are You and Your Hospital Ready? Abstract   PDF
Rocky Yang, Maureen Maloney, Mario R. Ramirez, Helen Edwards, Garnett Morris, Gary Nero
Vol 39 (2016): CMBEC39 Alterations in the Relative Surface Velocity of Joint Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury in a Sheep Model Abstract   PDF
Shekarforoush M. Shekarforoush, Kristen Barton, Mohammad Atarod, Bryan J. Heard, John Sevick, David A. Hart, Nigel G. Shrive
Vol 39 (2016): CMBEC39 Analysis of Big Data in Running Biomechanics: Application of Multivariate Analysis and Machine Learning Methods Abstract   PDF
Angkoon Phinyomark, Sean T. Osis, Reed Ferber
Vol 39 (2016): CMBEC39 Application of a Fourier Shift Preprocessing Stage to Improve the Resolution of Resting State fMRI Images Abstract   PDF
Ehsan Shahrabi Farahani, Paniz Adibpour, Michael R. Smith
Vol 39 (2016): CMBEC39 Biomedical Engineering's Position in Quebec Health Network New Structures Abstract   PDF
Gnahoua Zoabli, Edwige Huguette Dongmo, Julianne Desforges
Vol 39 (2016): CMBEC39 Bone Microarchitecture Changes in Peri- and Post-Menopausal Women: Cortical Porosity is a Marker for Accelerated Change During Menopause Abstract   PDF
Jennifer L. Bhatla, Lauren A. Burt, David A Hanley, Steven K Boyd
Vol 39 (2016): CMBEC39 Can Personalized Tourniquet Systems Prevent Chemotherapy-induced Alopecia? Abstract   PDF
Jim A. McEwen, Jeswin Jeyasurya, Michael Jameson, Fuschia Howard, Shirin Abadi, Christine Simmons
Vol 39 (2016): CMBEC39 Cardiac optical mapping using frequency filtering techniques for low resolution cardiac images Abstract   PDF
Juan D. Olarte España, Jose A. Franco Calderon, Enrique Estupiñán Escalante
Vol 39 (2016): CMBEC39 Classification of periodic leg movements through actigraphy signal analysis Abstract   PDF
Yashodhan Athavale, Mark Boulos, Brian J. Murray, Sridhar Krishnan
Vol 39 (2016): CMBEC39 Control of Cardiac Alternans in a Realistic Electromechanical Model of Cardiac Tissue Abstract   PDF
Azzam Hazim, Youssef Belhamadia, Stevan Dubljevic
Vol 39 (2016): CMBEC39 Design and Manufacture of a Custom Ligament Loading Device for Use with Second Harmonic Generation Microscopy Abstract   PDF
Johnathan Sevick, Minjia Xu, Marine Courat, Stephen Andrews, Nigel Shrive
Vol 39 (2016): CMBEC39 Determining In-Vivo Human Tibiofemoral Cartilage Stiffness Using Dual Fluoroscopy and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Abstract   PDF
Brodie Ritchie, Gregor Kuntze, Gulshan Sharma, Jillian Beveridge, Jessica Kupper, Janet Ronsky
Vol 39 (2016): CMBEC39 Development and Initial Implementation of Performance Assurance Work Order Prioritization System Abstract   PDF
Chris Bzovey, Michael Moore, Agustina Krivoy, Petr Kresta, Tidimogo Gaamangwe
Vol 39 (2016): CMBEC39 Effect of Hydrodynamic Shear on Proteoglycan 4 Secretion by Bovine Cartilage Explants Abstract   PDF
Alyssa Morin, Suresh Regmi, Tannin Schmidt
Vol 39 (2016): CMBEC39 Electrochemical Sensor for the Diagnosis of Traumatic Injuries of the Central Nervous System Abstract   PDF
Sultan Khetani, Raied Aburashed, Mohsen Janmaleki, Arindom Sen, Amir Sanati Nezhad
Vol 39 (2016): CMBEC39 Evaluating the Collagen Network of Articular Cartilage Using Contrast-Enhanced X-Ray Microscopy Abstract   PDF
Ying Zhu, David Bates, Nastassja Sukhnandan, Dragana Ponjevic, John R. Matyas, Steven K. Boyd
Vol 39 (2016): CMBEC39 Experimental Study on the Effect of Point Angle on Force and Temperature in Ultrasonically Assisted Bone Drilling Abstract   PDF
Khurshid Alam, Mojtaba Ghodsi, Vadim Silberschmidth
Vol 39 (2016): CMBEC39 Factors Affecting the Level Set Segmentation of the Heart Ventricles in Short Axis Cardiac Perfusion MRI Images Abstract   PDF
Doaa Mousa, Nourhan Zayed, Inas A. Yassine
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